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Commercialization Manager


Close Date
31 Oct 2017

Role Summary: 

We are seeking a Manager, Commercialization. You will be the point person for providing and coordinating customized commercialization advice and support to university-based Principal Investigators (PI) with a specific major focus on Medicine by Design (MbD), a University of Toronto (UofT)-based funder of cutting edge regenerative research.

You will manage all aspects of the relationship between CCRM and MbD, as well as serving as a liason with the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM), and will meet key researchers’ commercialization consulting needs from early development, through clinical translation, to clinical trials. You will accomplish this by connecting and bringing to bear CCRM’s Intellectual Property, Tech Assessment, Technical and Manufacturing Platforms, and Regulatory and Business Consulting capabilities. You will also connect researchers whose projects fit with CCRM’s interests for proprietary development, company creation and investment with the appropriate CCRM contacts and processes, as well as help facilitate and support relevant industry and investigator partnerships. 


About CCRM:

CCRM, based in Toronto, Canada, is a unique not-for-profit group that is developing and commercializing cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicine technologies. We are leveraging our network of academics, industry partners and investors to tackle significant problems and advance our most promising technologies to the market to meet the needs of patients. For more information about CCRM, please visit our website at



PI Engagement and Direct Commercialization Support

  • Proactively engage with key PIs, as defined by MbD and OIRM, and conduct in-depth meetings to understand their projects and commercialization support requirements. 
  • Liaise with experts at CCRM to conduct business and technical diligence on specific PI  projects and prepare and present resulting recommendations to PIs, including: 
    • Patentability Assessments 
    • Landscape /Market Assessments 
    • Technical Assessments 
    • Regulatory Assessments 
  • For select MbD projects, develop and support execution of customized Commercialization Pathway Plans for researchers, tailored to stage of development and outlining the critical steps /decision trees needed to progress forward as well as risks and mitigation options; monitor/report on PI’s progress against the Plan: 
    • Early stage: product definition, landscape /market assessment, clinical applications/clinical need
    • Mid stage: patentability assessment, technical assessments, regulatory assessments
    • Late stage: manufacturing process development, preparation for clinical trial, regulatory assessments, health economics
  • With MbD team, work proactively to ensure smooth collaboration between multiple tech transfer offices (hospitals and university) to support execution of customized Commercialization Pathway Plans.
  • With MbD team, define and manage the assessement and review process for any MbD clinical trial or commercialization grant applications


Relationship Management and Reporting           

  • Drive toward the achievement of MbD and OIRM metrics and report out, including routine updates as well as more major annual or semi-annual reports
  • Generate new project lists, dashboards and segmentation maps and other analysis as needed to prioritize the work with PIs and improve reporting formats 
  • Create and refresh annual operating plans in alignment with MbD, OIRM and CCRM’s objectives including appropriate metrics aligned to existing contractual agreements 
  • Provide reports on CCRM’s commercial activities to MbD, OIRM and UofT 
  • Attend MbD project management meetings and relevant OIRM project meetings if required 


Education Initiatives

  • Create and conduct occasional commercialization workshops for MbD and OIRM PIs to ensure appropriate visibility and understanding of CCRM’s commercialization support services
  • Create specific education offerings in alignment with MbD, OIRM and CCRM’s strategic priorities, such as Summer by Design (for international graduate students) and lectures at the MbD Symposium, and others as required
  • Explore potential for broader educational programs with UofT and other partners to improve visibility and branding of CCRM’s commercialization knowledge and services


Capability Building and Partnerships

  • Collaborate with CCRM’s Launch business unit to identify company creation opportunities based on promising individual or bundles of technologies, or gaps in market needs as relates to MbD and OIRM investigators
    • Liaise with PIs and technology transfer offices to facilitate intake of technology disclosures for CCRM in cases where research concepts align with CCRM’s objectives
    • Assess whether PIs might be in a position to collaborate with international investigators with promising technology aligned with CCRM’s interests; facilitate and support eventual partnerships
    • Monitor the projects that receive CCRM commercialization funds and report on progress
  • Work with CCRM team to identify unmet needs for industry partners and connect them with potential MbD and OIRM investigator projects, then facilitate and support as needed as partnerships move forward
  • Evaluate need and options for creating partnerships with external subject matter experts/consultants and relevant external organizations to address PI commercialization support needs when the investigator’s project falls outside of CCRM’s core expertise 


General Responsibilities

  • Work in a collaborative team environment and proactively manage communications to ensure alignment
  • Recognize strategic goals and demonstrate critical thinking in execution towards objectives
  • Effectively communicate the organization’s vision, mission, overall direction and specific objectives internally and externally
  • Provide clear and concise business and technical recommendations to senior leadership
  • Provide regular updates of progress, successes and challenges to achieving goals and metrics
  • Contribute to the preparation and management of annual budgets and ensure adherence to budget allocations
  • Contribute to the preparation of annual business and marketing plans as well as major grant applications



  • M.Sc. or PhD in bioprocess or chemical engineering, cell biology or related scientific discipline; MBA is an asset
  • 3-5 years significant experience with commercialization pathways, ideally including industry experience
  • Very strong business acumen in visualizing potential commercialization/business models and pathways and detailed knowledge of requirements to progress from early stages through to clinical trial and launch
  • Specialized knowledge in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine or in related areas of high technical/clinical complexity
  • Strong understanding of regenerative medicine processes, technologies, and regulatory/quality requirements
  • Strong presence and confidence in presenting to scientific /clinical audiences
  • Business development experience, including deal valuation, IP ownership and compensation, and working with technical, legal and business partners to develop and close licensing and other types of agreements 


Desired Characteristics:                                                             

  • Independent, detail-oriented, self-starter with excellent analytical skills and the ability to multitask and succeed in a team environment
  • Demonstrated initiative and the ability to deliver high-quality outcomes
  • Demonstrated stakeholder management skills and experience in complex matrix environments
  • Demonstrated project management experience with a successful track record of on-time and on-budget execution
  • Demonstrated ability to lead business interactions in combination with scientific/technical expertise.


CCRM is a developing organization and represents a fluid working environment. Flexibility and adaptability are essential, and duties will be influenced by the needs of the organization.

Applications are due by 6:59 PM EDT on the date indicated at the top of this job posting.

Applicants must be legally eligible to work in Canada.

CCRM is committed to diversity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates. We will provide any requested accommodation to candidates with disabilities throughout the recruitment process.